Can Birds Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Can Birds Eat Brussel Sprouts?

YES! Birds can eat Brussel Sprouts. They are perfectly safe and very nutritious. Raw Brussels sprouts are 86% water, 9% carbohydrates, 3% protein, and tiny 0.3% fat with more moderate amounts of B vitamins, such as folate and vitamin B6; important minerals and dietary fiber exist in moderate to low amounts:

Brusssels sprout contains vitamin A equivalent of beta carrotene, lutein zeanthin and Zinc mineral. Vitamin A and Zinc are important for feather of your bird. They help to make feathers shiny and healthy.

Can Birds Eat Brussel Sprouts?
Meet Rico the Blue Quaker with Brussel Sprout.

Brussels sprout also contains moderate amount of Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin-K and Vitamin-E. These essential minerals and vitamins help to prevent calcium deficiency and hormonal imbalance.

Can Birds Eat Brussel Sprouts?
Man, I love to destroy Brussel Sprout!

Another benefit of raw brussels sprout is parrots just love to chew them. Thus it also help to keep them busy. They are good alternative to toy with nutritional benefits.

How do you cook Brussels sprouts for birds?

You can boil or steam them and surve to your bird. Keep in mind that raw Brussels sprout contains more Vitamin C than boiled one.

Can birds eat Brussels sprouts everyday?

Brussels sprouts are cheap and you might be thinking to provide your bird daily. As they have many minerals hence it might be detrimental to birds with kidney problem if you feed them daily. Another thing is you should not feed your bird brussels sprout on daily basis during hormonal surge. Its Vitamin E and K raises hormonal level.

Can Cockatiels eat Brussels sprouts?

Studies shows that Brussels sprouts may cause iodine defficiency to Cockatiels if they fed regularly for long period. Occasionally (once of twice in a week) they does not creat any health problem.

Final thought on Brussels sprouts and birds

Brussels sprouts not only a good source of nutritions but also provide mental enrichment to your parrots. But before providing them to your pet bird make sure that it does not contains any pesticides. Very small amount of pesticides can cause serious health problem to your bird. This apply not only for Brussels sprouts but also other vegetables going to your bird food.

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