Can I have a Dracula Parrot as a Pet?

Can I have a Dracula Parrot as a Pet?

The Dracula parrot, also known as the Pesquet’s parrot, is a fascinating bird species that has captured the attention of many due to its unique appearance and mysterious name. With its hooked beak and vulturine-like head shape, the Dracula parrot is often mistaken for a bird of prey. Many of us thought it probably drinks blood.

However, the name dracula parrot is not for its blood drinking behavior. Its vulture-like profile, Like Dracula in the story, its black feathers has led to its common name, the Dracula Parrot.

In fact dracula parrots are exclusively frugivorous. Which means they only feed on special kinds of figs, nectar and flower pollen.

Although, there are birds which drink blood. For example, Vampire Finches.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the most commonly asked questions about the Dracula parrot, including whether it can be kept as a pet, its rarity, diet, vocalizations, and more.

Whether you are a bird enthusiast, a curious reader, or someone considering adopting a Dracula parrot as a pet, this post will provide you with valuable insights into this unique and fascinating bird species. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Can I have a Dracula Parrot as a Pet?

Can I have a Dracula Parrot as a Pet?

Short answer is, No, you cannot keep a Dracula parrot as a pet. They are protected by international laws. Owning one as a pet may be illegal in certain countries or states. 

In the US, you cannot keep any wild bird as a pet. Same rule applies to bird species, whose conservation status is not least concerned. You will be fined heavily if the wildlife department finds you keep them as pets. 

You may have watched videos of Dracula parrots in captivity. You can only keep them in captivity for research & study purposes. But you will need specific permission for that. 

I know, this answer broke your heart. But think about it, if an endangered species is allowed to be domesticated, it will become extinct very quickly. Have you forgotten about the Spix’s Macaw?

You may be wondering, why didn’t aviculturists breed Dracula parrots in captivity before their numbers dwindled? One of the reasons for this is the eating habits of the Dracula Parrot. The Dracula parrot eats a specific species of fig that is not found anywhere else in the world.

Is Dracula Parrot Rare?

The Dracula parrot is a rare species. A limited population mainly found in Papua New Guinea. Due to habitat loss, specific food habits and poaching for the illegal pet trade, their numbers have declined significantly in recent years. 

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified the Dracula parrot as Vulnerable. Dracula parrot is listed on Appendix II of CITES. Various conservation efforts are underway to protect their habitat and prevent their decline.

Because Dracula parrots are considered illegal pets they are not available in regular pet shops.

Can I have a Dracula Parrot as a Pet?

Does Dracula Parrot Talk?

When we see a parrot, a question arises in our minds, can they talk? Not all parrots can talk. Even the species that are known as good talkers, they only learn to talk after a long period of training. In close association with the parrot, they can only talk if you talk to them regularly with patience.

Dracula parrots are not kept as pets like other pet parrots. They were kept in captivity only in a large aviary, not with direct close contact with a caregiver. Since no one has yet been closely associated with Dracula Parrot, there is no evidence that Dracula Parrot can talk.

Yes, the Dracula parrot is a real bird species, also known as the Pesquet’s parrot (Psittrichas fulgidus). It is named after French naturalist Jean-Guillaume Bruguière’s friend, François-Nicolas Martinet, who was the illustrator for the Count Dracula book.

What do Dracula Parrots Eat?

Dracula parrots are exclusively frugivorous. This means they eat fruits in the wild. They  mainly feed on a special type of fig which is not available in other parts of the world. However, it has also been seen eating flowers and nectar.

Due to this special diet type, it is difficult to keep them as pets. Also their population decreases day by day due to this exceptional feeding behaviour.

Do Dracula Parrots Drink Blood?

Despite its name, the Dracula parrot does not drink blood. The name “Dracula” was given to it due to its resemblance to the fictional vampire and its hooked beak that can appear similar to fangs.

What Sound does a Dracula Parrot Make?

Dracula parrots are known for their distinctive and loud calls, which is similar to the sound of cockatoo but more louder. They may also make softer whistles, screeches, and other vocalizations.

Is the Dracula Parrot a Hybrid?

Contrary to popular belief, the Dracula parrot is not a hybrid of other bird species. It is a distinct and unique species with a fascinating genetic makeup that sets it apart from other parrots.

The Dracula parrot is one of the three vulture-like parrots found in nature. They have no feathers on their heads as the fruits they eat are sticky. This is how they evolved.


Dracula Parrot caught our attention for its attractive appearance and exceptional name. And yes, despite the name Dracula Parrot, they do not drink blood at all.

We have to remember that the Dracula Parrot is a vulnerable species. They can become extinct at any time. Besides, it is illegal to keep them as pets. If ever the ban on keeping them as a pet parrot is lifted, keeping them as a pet for their special diet will be complicated.