can parrots eat cashews

Cashews: Good or Bad for Parrots?

You might have seen this too many times, parrots holding a nut in its claw and eating them. Actually parrots really love nuts. Some throws tantrum if not sees any nut in seed mixture! There are many nuts are availabel in market. In case of cashews first question poops up: if parrots can eat cashews. Yes, off course parrot can eat cashews, they are safe for parrots but cashews are not good for parrots!

Lets dig out why it is not good for parrots. Keep one thing in mind- Fatty Liver, we will recall it later.

 parrots can eat cashews
Lutino Quaker parrot eating cashew.

The nutritional value of Cashews for parrots

Cashews, raw. Nutritional value per 100 g. All information collected from U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE

 parrots can eat cashews

Total fat content of raw cashew is 44% of total nutritional value! Dried cashew even have higher fat content. Which is way too much.

Your parrot will eventually become obese. Obesity causes serious health problem: Fatty Liver. And Fatty Liver of parrots is home of other diseases!

18% protein may be looking good and protein is essential for parrots but there are many good alternatvie source of protien. Risk/benefit ratio of cashew indicates, it should avoided. Chia or Canary seed is good source of plant protein with very less amount of fat.

 parrots can eat cashews

Cashew lacks vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for parrot. It keeps parrots feather healthy and shiney. Vitamin C content is also considerably low.

Among all minerals, calcium is most important.

Among all minerals, calcium is most important. But cashew contains only 4% calcium which is poor. Although, it has good amount of copper (110%), magnesium (82%), zinc and selenium Both zinc and selenium is important for breeding bird. But most of our companion parrots are not meant to breed.

Can Parrots Eat Green Cashew Apple
Can Parrots Eat Green Cashew Apple?

Can Parrots Eat Salted Cashew

No. Excess salt is very bad for parrot. Always try to avoid salted cashew or any food that have excess salt.

Can Parrots Eat Roasted Cashew

Yes. Parrots can eat rosted cashew without any added salt or seasoning

Can Budgies Eat Cashew

Yes. Budgies can eat cashew without any added salt or seasoning. But from my personal experience, I can tell you, most budgies do not like hard nuts.

How Many Cashews ca Parrots have

4-5 whole cashew nut per week is enough.

Can Parrots Eat Green Cashew Apple

Yes. Parrots can have green cashe apple. Actually is has far less fat that the nut but rich in other neutrients.

Final words

Although, cashews are perfectly safe for parrot but due to high fat content, it should not fed as regular staple food. It can be used as treat or training perposes only.