Eclectus Parrot vs African Grey

Eclectus Parrot vs African Grey: Which Bird Should You Get?

Apart from the size, almost every aspect of the Eclectus Parrot and African Grey looks different. Eclectus Parrots wear a flock of vibrant, saturated feathers, while the African Grey appears in an aesthetically light shade.

But if you are not hooked by the look and want to get into the details of these birds, this article is for you. Here, I’ll explore everything from both avian creatures’ behavior, habits, and personality.

The aim is to help you better understand what each of these birds really entails so that you can make an informed decision.

Eclectus Parrot or African Grey: Which One Is Right for Bird Fathers (or Mothers…)?

A sharp contrast exists between these two distinct species of birds. Though there are some similarities, they are mostly different. Let’s delve into the deeper nuances so that you can identify which of these birds suits your needs.

Exploring Personality Type of Both the Birds

Eclectus Parrots are calm and are known for their reserved demeanor. They are basically observers and are very cautious. It means they will actively engage in an environment after taking in their surroundings.

This calmness is linked to their well-mannered nature. They won’t throw tantrums but will try to solve their problems. All these traits make the Eclectus Parrot a good choice for families.

Almost similarly, African Greys are very intelligent and are of introverted nature. They, too, will take time before engaging in a new situation. They tend to be one person bird.

However, they have exceptional cognitive abilities that they utilize to adjust themselves to different surroundings. It definitely is an excellent trait of these birds. Still, it also means African Greys are cautious while making friends as well.

It may only sit well with some of your family members.

Thus, if you want a bird for your family, go for the Eclectus Parrot. But if you live alone or have a small family, an African Grey is a better option for you. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get an Eclectus, though.

Eclectus Parrot vs African Grey
African Greys are known for their intelligence and impressive talking ability.

Do They Bite?

Both birds bite, but it’s not as serious as it sounds. Eclectus Parrots are actually not as prone to biting as some other species. As calm birds, they are much less likely to resort to aggressive behavior.

On the contrary, African Greys are too cautious and aware of their safety. They can show occasional biting tendencies, especially if they feel threatened or stressed.
As they can easily detect environmental changes, subtle modifications can set them off into defensive mode.

If you have kids in your house, I suggest Eclectus Parrots, as they are calmer. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter.

Can They Talk and Have Tricks Up Their Feathers?

Both of them are impressive talker. Eclectus parrots can mimic a significant number of sounds and words. In short, they need to be renowned for their talking abilities like African Greys are.
Eclectus Parrots are more focused on observing their surroundings, which is one reason they don’t easily focus on training.

On the other hand, African Greys have impressive talking and mimicry skills. They can quickly learn and replicate a wide range of sounds, words, and phrases.

With time, they develop their skills and can deliver a speech with astounding accuracy. But you have to consistently train them to get such a result.

And as for tricks, both are very well capable of it. The exceptional intelligence of these birds makes them trainable as well. You can teach them different tricks within a matter of days.

However, thanks to their impressive problem-solving skills, African Greys can master complex tasks and commands within a shorter period.

Do They Pluck Feathers?

Well, all birds pluck feathers if they are sick or frustrated. The two birds we are talking about here aren’t different. They are both known for their feather plucking issue. However, with proper care and attention, Eclectus Parrots are less prone to feather plucking.

They have a reserved nature, and this contributes to this.

On the contrary, African Greys can be susceptible to feather plucking, especially if they are bored or stressed. Mental stimulation, social interaction, and an enriching environment can stop them from performing such behavior. In short, the key is to keep them busy.

In this regard, I still recommend African Greys for those who live alone. You can just give them toys; they will stay busy and won’t pluck their feathers.

But in the case of Eclectus, you have to keep them within your attention for a significant amount of time. This is feasible only if you have multiple members in your household.

Eclectus Parrot vs African Grey
Eclectusr parrot: Blue mutation. Left male, right: female. African Greys do not have other color mutations.

Are These Birds Good Around Children?

Both species can definitely coexist with children. But, if you are talking about infants or toddlers, supervision is necessary. Eclectus Parrots have a calm nature, and African Greys are intelligent. These traits allow them to adapt well to households with children.

But problems may occur if the birds perceive the children as threats. To solve this problem, you have to introduce the children to the birds in a gentle manner so that everyone feels safe.

Although it doesn’t make much of a difference, getting an Eclectus is still a good idea if you have children in your house. In comparison to African Greys, Eclectus parrots are calmer and gentler. Your children will be safe around these birds.

However, an African Grey is the way to go if you want a bird to interact with your children. Their exceptional talking ability and playfulness once they get to know your children will keep them amused and happy.

Do They Scream?

All birds and all animals scream for various reasons. The question is, who is louder?
Eclectus Parrots have a relatively soft voice and are generally quieter than larger, more vocal parrot species. African Greys are calm as well. But they still produce considerable noise, especially during their active periods.

However, none of these issues are alarming. As you already know, both these birds are of calmer, introverted nature.

If you live in an apartment or a shared space, you can stay unbothered by their behavior. But they will make noises if you don’t feed or care for them properly.

What Do They Eat?

Eclectus Parrots have specific dietary requirements. This is because, Eclectus parrot has a longer intestine than any other parrot. Thry are sensitive to synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, the pillets available in the market cannot be given, because they contain artificial vitamins and minerals. Specific pellets are available for the eclectus parrot. They can be used.

They prefer a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and nuts. However, despite specific nutritional needs, they are not picky eaters. They will be happy if you give them anything an average bird eats.

African Greys require a varied diet as well. Like Eclectus’s food habits, their diet includes high-quality pellets, fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

But, in contrast to Eclectus, African Greys can be picky eaters. This is why it’s essential to introduce a diverse diet early in their lives. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a bad food habit.

You should get an African Grey if you only travel a little or aren’t planning to move. Changes in weather and surroundings affect African Grey’s food habits. They may refuse to consume food from a new place.

But whether you are traveling or staying home, Eclectus will not be a pain in the neck as far as food is concerned.

Eclectus Parrot vs African Grey
Female Eclectus parrot. Eclectus parrots are sexually dimorphic, which means you can differentiate male and female visually.

Are They Aggressive?

Eclectus Parrots are generally friendly birds and get along with other species if appropriately introduced. They usually stay calm and just observe their surroundings. As they don’t interact much, you won’t see much aggression.

However, African Greys are territorial. They can demonstrate aggression, particularly within confined spaces like cages.

Don’t get an African Grey if you plan on adding additional members to your bird’s cage. They will not like it. You can get them if you have just one bird, though.

What if you want to bring in more pets in the future? In that case, get an Eclectus. They are not welcoming, but they are at least not aggressive or violent. They, at best, will just ignore the other pet and let them be.

What Are the Health Concerns?

Eclectus Parrots and African Greys are not delicate birds. They will go by perfectly fine with the bare minimum. But you have to make sure you are taking care of them in the right way.

Eclectus requires special attention to their dietary needs. They are known for toe tapping and wing flapping. Make sure to always keep their plate full of nutrient-rich edibles so that they can maintain their health.

African Greys, on the other hand, are sensitive to boredom. They can literally get sick if they get bored. The trick here is to offer them toys to play with and keep them busy.

One of these birds can pose a health risk for you as well. African Greys, similar to Cockatoos, produce feather dust. If you have respiratory issues, this can cause you problems.

Fortunately, Eclectus Parrots don’t have the issue of feather dust. So, if you have breathing problems, get an Eclectus.

How Much Do They Cost?

Both of these birds can go by at a moderate cost. But, if you want, you can spend some extra cash on maintenance to offer them better living conditions.

The initial cost of an Eclectus Parrot ranges from $270 to $545. In contrast, the initial cost of an African Grey ranges from $500 to $4,000. These costs can vary depending on factors such as the location, the breeder, and the bird’s specific needs.

The monthly cost of maintaining an Eclectus Parrot is between $150 and $180. This includes expenses such as food, toys, and vet visits.

The monthly cost of maintaining an African Grey is between $185 and $1,800. This includes expenses such as food, toys, vet visits, and other supplies.

It’s important to note that these costs are estimates and can vary depending on individual circumstances.

Eclectus Parrot vs African Grey
Eclectus parrot male. Male Eclectus parrots have quite different looks. Especially their beaks.

How Do They Look?

African Greys and Eclectus are vastly different in terms of looks. If you want a colorful, vibrant bird to silently enhance the aesthetic of your house, then get an Eclectus.
They have gender-based coloration. The males are vivid green, while the females are red and blue. Their size is a perfect one as well. In comparison, they are the same as a medium-sized parrot.

However, African Grey is the right option if you don’t like the color and want a simple, classy grey bird. Their whole body is grey, but they have a striking red tail. Despite the color difference, African Greys are similar to Eclectus in size.

My Final Take

As you can see, the Eclectus Parrots and African Greys are amazing birds with their unique features and beauty. But whether or not it’s for you depends on you and the bird’s needs.

An Eclectus Parrot can be the best option if you live with your family or have more than three to four members. The same bird is ideal for people who want a bird to just exist and spread a pleasing aura.

But an African Grey is the way to go if you want a bird that can play tricks, talk to you, and interact with you in certain activities.

The best thing about them is that they are not attention seekers. They will enjoy your attention, but they won’t complain if you ignore them while you work.

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