is acrylic yarn safe for birds

Is Acrylic Yarn Safe for Pet Birds?

Many pet bird owners consider acrylic yarn to make climbing nets for their feathery friends. They are cheap compared to natural fiber rope. But is acrylic yarn safe for birds? No, acrylic yarn is not safe for birds at all.

Is Acrylic Yarn Safe for Pet Birds?
Parrots love to chew rope.

Acrylic yarn is a subject of controversy for many reasons-

  1. They are not biodegradable and of course not digestible.
  2. Every time you wash it, it releases microfibre which is polluting water. There is a high chance that these micro fibers will deposit into your pet bird’s stomach.
  3. Color used for acrylic yarn may be toxic for your pet bird.
  4. Pretty loose yarn, which is risky for your bird. Your bird may be stuck in it or toe nail may be stuck in it.
Is Acrylic Yarn Safe for Pet Birds?

Cotton or other natural yarn is a good option for rope/net preparation for your bird. Although, many vets discourage any rope type toys for pet birds. Many nearly dead birds were brought to vet and on post mortem fiber ball blockage found in stomach of birds.