pionus and GCC

Personality differences between Pionus & Green Cheek Conures.

Green Cheek Conures, GCC, are a lot smaller and as with most conures more vocal with noise. But every bird is unique no matter the species so bird by bird. I do like GCC the best of all conures!

CeaCea Depp Admin of FB group Pionus parrots.

I know I’ll get some negative reactions to this comment BUT I would not feel comfortable with any young child and my GCC. They often switch from snuggles to bites with very minimal warning.

That being said, I got mine when my daughter was 5. She is actually his favorite person but she’s aware of the risk and often wears a robe when watching tv with him just in case. We work with him a lot (training) and that helps but he definitely remains my most hyper and high maintenance (emotionally) bird.

Kimberly Bottita-Martinez

ya know they can be this way especially when hormonal. I think they can be very affectionate and playful with kids but ya can’t expect little kids to always catch the subtle hints in body language. Pionus on the other hand may be more boring for kids, less playful and affectionate. But if basic boundaries are followed are less likely to get moody and bite or scream seemingly out of nowhere.

Kara Snow

I just got my first Pionus. I didn’t hand raise him so he’s still getting used to me but he follows me everywhere, loves to play with toys, can be calmed by some head scritches and ends his evening cuddled up on my shoulder baby squawking in my ear. 

My gcc however I hand raised (I used to hand raise hundreds of baby parrots of many species) and I’ve come to one simple description of gcc. A forever 5 yr old with ADHD coming off a sugar high laced in crack. Always on the go, never stops except to eat and sleep cause they master pooping on the run.

Super playful but quick to nip and try to be the alpha in the flock. My personal gcc has huge balls and no brains when it comes to other birds and had tried to pick fights with the amazons.

Kathy Hagen

I have a green cheek and a bh pionus. I agree with Kimberly Bottita-Martinez above. We work with our green cheek daily on training, he is on a great diet, gets good sleep, has toys, lots of socialization, and is still very difficult to read. I won’t say he bites for no reason, but he is fast and aggressive (when he gets mad, he aims to hurt).

Our pionus on the other hand is slower moving and much more gentle. She can be demanding, but that usually involves her alarm call. She has her favorite person (my husband) but is tolerant of pretty much anyone (and is totally open to bribes!). I would not worry about her stepping up on a 5 year old’s hand supervised.

Apryle Zach

Opposite ends of the spectrum! Conures are the life of the party, little class clowns, super lovely, and love being the center of attention. High pitched screams and squeaks. Pionus are aloof, like affection on their terms, don’t like a lot of commotion, are not overly cuddly, but do enjoy being near their favorite people. Less shrill scream if they scream or squeak at all.

Emily Marino Davenport

If you’ve ever known someone with aspergers…if that person were turned into a bird they’d be a pionus. Very smart, feel things deeply but touch and affection is on their terms. Not big on a lot of noise. Not a lot of clowning around.

They like their routine and their boundaries. Dignified rule following sorts of birds. They want to observe before they participate. But if you respect the boundaries they arent a particularly moody, bite for no apparent reason, scream incessantly bird. Most conures want to be in the middle of it. Acrobatic. Clown around. Let’s make some noise and have a good time. I might get testy with you but I’ll get over it fast. I’m mostly cheerful. And I usually want to play. Mostly fearless. Very much enjoy the sound of their own voice. Often hilarious. Often very affectionate, even cuddly.

Kara Snow

Total 100% opposites!!! My green cheek is a little brat (that I LOVE). She’s a bully, the boss of everything and everyone, hyper, goofy, clingy. My blue head is calm as a cuke, goes with the flow, only gets upset if your late with his food or shower time lazy, very much a bird potato lol!! But they love each other.

Jonnie McMahon
GCC and Pionus are opposit in nature. Image: Jonnie McMahon
GCC and Pionus are opposit in nature. Image: Jonnie McMahon

Pionus are more quiet shy species. Pionus have a sweet smell to them.

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