Rainbow Lorikeet has special food requirement. Pet birds are some time costly.

Popular Misconceptions About Pet Bird | Bird Addicts

Pet birds can be excellent companions. Although their personality is completely different from other pets. Dogs or cats have become completely domesticated animals, but pet birds are not like them. They have not domesticated yet. So there are a lot of misinformation are available about their behaviour, food habits, and care. We will learn about some popular misinformation today.

Rainbow Lorikeet has special food requirement. Popular Misconceptions About Pet Bird. Bird Addicts.
Rainbow Lorikeet has special food requirement.

Birds are low maintenance pet

Comparing to their size many people thought birds are low maintenance pets. In reality they are not. Birds are a delicate type of creature. They need special care, specially trained vet. Vet clinic bills are not low as you expect. The cage, food, toys, cleaning equipment and cleaning agents, and air purifier are costly.

Lutino budgerigar taking head scratch. Bird Addicts.
Albino budgerigar taking head scratch.

Pet birds can eat human foods

Except vegetables, most of the human foods are harmful to pet birds. Foods that are high in sugar and have high glycemic value are very harmful to birds. The same is applicable for salts. Although birds need minerals, salts in human food is way more than is required for birds. avocado is deadly to birds. Even a small bite is enough to kill your birds.

Birds can live only in seed mix

This is a popular misconception. No bird in nature only feeds on seed. Even grass parakeets, finches are not only depend only on seed in the wild. They eat various types of seeds, buds, and fruits. so, seed only food is big no. Fresh foods, vegetables, and good quality pellets without artificial colorings is highly recommended.

All pet birds are sweet, cuddly and affectionate

Masked Lovebird. Lovebirds are not fond to head scratch or cuddling.
Masked Lovebird. Lovebirds are not fond to head scratch or cuddling.

Birds are just like a toddler. They have the intelligence of a 2-5 year human child. Those photos and videos on the internet about cuddly birds are just a small portion of their daily life. no owner posts their bird biting, attacking them. Except for small parakeets, all parrots bite are painful and most of the time draws blood. Even the most sweet and docile pet bird can be aggressive without any sign. Especially when they get hormonal. Many birds are re-homed due to their aggressive nature and biting problems.

Birds have shorter life spans

Cockatoos can live more than 80nyears.

There are no birds that live less than 10 years. Although you may find that parrotlets’ average life span is 6-8 years, this is due to accidental death, not due to age. Every parrot is a multi generation bird. probably outlive you. The longest lived reported bird is a cockatoo, called cookie died at 83 years old. Macaws may live more than 100 years.

Quite bird

Believe me no parrot is quiet. Many may say that mayers, senegals or eclectus are quiet. Don’t believe them. The quietest bird may turn into a vocal one without any reason. they can scream all day long non stop. Cockatiels and budgies are bearable but larger parrots are not.

Only male birds can talk

Females are not very talkative for most of the parrot species. But for eclectus, females have sweeter and melodious voices than male counterparts. male bird cannot guarantee you it may talk. birds are more of a hit and miss case.