Dusky Conure vs Green Cheek conure

Dusky Conure vs Green Cheek: Which Bird Should You Befriend?

Dusky Conures and Green Cheeks are two of my favorite birds. I just love their affectionate personalities. Like me, they, too, have a ‘need’ for socialization.

Otherwise, they just go nuts. Barring this common thread, many things make a Dusky Conure different from a Green Cheek. If I were to pick one, I wouldn’t know which one to choose, as both have some excellent qualities that one just cannot miss.

Nonetheless, their distinctive features make them unique in their own way. Interested to know more? Keep reading to find it all out.

Let’s Explore the Differences Between Dusky Conure and Green Cheek

Over the years, I’ve noticed some significant differences between these two birds. In the following sections, we will delve into all that.

What Type of Personality Do They Have?

Dusky Conures are generally gentle and sweet-natured birds. They tend to be more reserved compared to some other conure species. My Dusky Conures formed a deep bond with the family. They display affection through the cutest behavior, like preening and snuggling.

Green Cheeks are also extroverted in nature. They are one of the most playful birds I’ve ever seen. Add “Active” and “Curious” to the list as well.

They often explore their surroundings with enthusiasm. Undoubtedly, they are social birds that enjoy interacting with people. In the right situation, they may even engage in playful antics.

Do They Bite?

All the Dusky Conures I’ve seen and interacted with to date are noticeably gentle. But they do bite when they feel threatened or stressed. My Dusky Conure bit me the first time I tried to pet it.

However, over time, things got better between us. It means proper handling and positive reinforcement can minimize the biting issue of Dusky Conures. And by positive reinforcement, I mean early socialization.

On the other hand, Green Cheeks are prone to nipping and biting from an early age. After researching a bit, I realized this is their natural instinct.

Fortunately, this biting habit can be eliminated through consistent training. It took me longer than I expected, but the training did work.

Dusky Conure vs Green Cheek

Can They Talk?

In my experience, neither of these birds is a talker. I don’t mean to sound rude, but they are not intelligent enough to learn vocabulary.

Although both can learn a few sounds that may appear like words. At least my Dusky Conure and Green Cheek can make sounds akin to my name.

However, I’ve seen cases where Green Cheeks chirp in more precise sounds or words. It means it’s possible to train them. Although, I didn’t come across such a case regarding Green Cheeks.

Do They Pluck Feathers?

Almost all birds pluck their feathers when under stress. Years ago, when I didn’t know a thing about bird psychology, I struggled with it a lot.

Later, I discovered that birds do it due to stress, boredom, lack of mental stimulation, and skin diseases. While the skin disease is something my vet took care of, I handled the rest.

The issue of feather plucking is significant in both Dusky Conures and Green Cheeks because both are social birds. As they crave socialization and continuously seek interaction, they can quickly get bored if no one is paying attention.

Sadly enough, I can’t attend to them 24/7. This is why I adopted a trick. I keep them engaged with toys and different cognitive and physical activities. It worked surprisingly well, and their feather-plucking issue is now a thing of the past.

Dusky Conure vs Green Cheek

How Are They Around Children?

As already mentioned, both Dusky Conures and Green Cheeks are social birds. They thrive in households with children. Although I must admit, this didn’t happen naturally.

In the beginning, the birds wouldn’t come anywhere near the kids because, I am guessing, they perceived kids as a threat. But with proper supervision and after teaching the children how to handle the birds gently and respectfully, everything became beautiful again.

Both of these birds are now in love with the kids, and they play around till they get tired.

Are They Loud?

Dusky Conures are noticeably quiet. In fact, I have noticed that they are .quieter than other Conure species. They vocalize, but their noise level is usually moderately soft and piercing. At least I am not bothered by the slight noises they make.

Although, I have a complaint about Green Cheeks. They are really playful birds, and watching them engage in different activities is a pleasure. But they quickly get excited when their vocal side comes up.

Their vocalizations are characterized as chirps, whistles, and occasional squawks. It’s not that I hate it all the time, but sometimes it gives me a headache. However, I must mention that they are not as loud as larger parrot species.

What Do They Eat?

Dusky Conures and Green Cheeks are good eaters, and I love them for that. I give them high-quality pellets, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. However, I limit seed intake to ensure a balanced diet. Otherwise, they may have digestive problems.

Dusky Conure vs Green Cheek

Are They Aggressive Toward Other Birds?

I don’t think there are any species of birds without aggression. Dusky Conures and Green Cheeks are birds with a significant amount of rage.

But they only demonstrate their aggression if they are exposed to a potential threat or are scared. This aggression manifests most intensely when I bring a new bird into the family.

These Conures act hostile toward the newcomer. However, I have found the solution to this as well. I just facilitate their socialization and provide them with enough space. They won’t complain at all as long as they have their own personal space.

Can They Be Trained to Do Stuff?

Both of these Conures are highly intelligent and active. It means they are trainable. But, I must admit that it was easier to train Green Cheeks to perform tricks than to teach the same trick to Dusky Conure. I don’t know why this difference exists, but it does.

Are There Any Health Concerns Involved?

I have respiratory issues, and one of my Dusky Conures slightly triggered it one day. Honestly speaking, it was a really mild episode. The culprit was the Dusky Conure’s feather dust.

Even though it was an insignificant situation, I took steps. I set up a humidifier to get rid of all the feather dust. An air purifier would’ve done the same. Interestingly, after setting up the humidifier, I haven’t had any issues.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of maintaining Dusky Conures and Green Cheeks is almost the same. As they are both equally social and have similar dietary needs, there isn’t much difference in how much they cost.

Initially, I spent around $800 to set up everything for the birds. This includes the cage, toys, and other necessary accessories.

After that, I calculated that I am averaging spending around $80 monthly. This is the cost of one bird, including food, medicine, and vet visits.

I’d say they are a relatively cheaper pet option.

Dusky Conure vs Green Cheek

My Final Few Words 

Dusky Conure and Green Cheeks are two magnificent birds. I love how they look – the green plumage with subtle dusky markings of the Dusky Conure and the vibrant green feathers with the red on the tail feathers of the Green Cheeks keep my house lit all the time.

Their overall behavior and personalities make them perfect for different kinds of households. It’s just so hard to make a choice between them. But I prefer Dusky Conures because I prefer calmer and more reserved birds.

This allows me to bond with my pet while working on my everyday chores. However, I picked Green Cheeks for my kids. Their playful, interactive, and outgoing nature makes them close buddies with kids and keeps a happy mood swaying within the household.

Well, as you can see, both birds have their merits, and that’s why I love them both.

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