Jenday Conure vs Sun Conure

Jenday Conure vs Sun Conure: Which Is Ideal if You’re New to Birding?

Jenday conure and Sun conure are both energetic and extroverted birds. Their colorful appearance is a treat to the eyes. As the name suggests, both of these birds share many similarities.

However, there are subtle nuances that distinguish these birds. Although these differences don’t appear much, they are a huge deal when seen from a distance.

So, if you haven’t decided which of these birds to get yet, take a quick read here. This article will guide you through the little factors that set Jenday Conure apart from its cousin Sun Conure.

Let’s Nitpick the Details before You Buy Either of the Two Birds

After researching for a while about which bird to choose, many lands on Jenday and Sun conure. Due to their subtle differences, people struggle to finalize a decision. But you shouldn’t have to struggle with this. Take a look at different aspects of these birds below:

Personality Types

Jenday Conures are known for their active and playful attitude. These outgoing birds are friendly and enjoy social interaction with their owners. In fact, they are reported to bond with other household pets as well.

Similarly, Sun conures are highly energetic and vibrant. Their lively and outgoing personality matches the similar level of Jenday. However, Sun conures demand comparatively more attention from their owner.

If you want a really clingy bird, then get a Sun conure. But if you want to avoid spending 24/7 with your bird, the less clingy Jenday can be the perfect match.

Do They Bite?

In a sense, both Jenday and Sun conures can bite. They have beaks that they use to explore their environment. In this process, they may occasionally give you a small bite.

But it’s nothing major. You can eliminate this biting issue with proper socialization and consistent training.

Training a conure is easier than you might think. If you are wondering, it’s easy to train Sun conures not to bite because they are naturally social. Their friendly behavior keeps them at bay from biting.

Jenday Conure vs Sun Conure
Sun conures have more yellow coloration on wings and body.

Can They Talk?

Unfortunately, neither Jenday nor Sun Conures are known for their talking abilities. They may pick up a few words or mimic sounds but are not considered proficient talkers like parrots.
However, with dedicated training, teaching a limited vocabulary to Sun conures is possible. But again, they can only utter a few sounds.

Overall, if you are looking for a bird to converse with you, the conure bird group isn’t for you.

Do They Pluck Feathers?

Both Jenday and Sun conures can pluck their feathers for different reasons. For example, when the birds are bored, stressed, or have an illness, they will start plucking their feathers out of frustration.

However, you can prevent such behavior by providing mental stimulation, a balanced diet, and, most importantly, a comfortable environment. Your conures should only demonstrate such behavior if they are in sound condition.

Are They Gentle Around Children?

Conure species can coexist not only with children but also with pets. However, you have to properly introduce the bird to the children and ensure the bird that they are in a safe environment.

On the contrary, children should also be taught to approach the birds gently. For the first few days, keep the interaction between the bird and the children under close supervision. Make sure they both are safe and not demonstrating any hostile behavior.

Do They Scream?

Well, it’s a bit complicated. Bear with me.

Jendays are definitely louder and have a high pitch. However, in comparison, Suns have a slightly high-pitched vocalization.

They use their calls to communicate with their flock or to express excitement. Their scream can also mean that they are simply welcoming you. If you have problems with migraines, then don’t get a conure.

Conures are a great choice to add a wild aura to your house. For such reasons, I prefer Jendays because their comparatively lower pitch doesn’t hurt the ear.

However, this means that Jenday and Sun conures are not appropriate if you live in an apartment or share the living space.

Jenday Conure vs Sun Conure.
Both Sun and Jenday conure have high-pitched vocalization.

What Do They Eat?

Jendays and Suns are similar when it comes to food habits. A balanced diet of high-quality pellets, fresh fruits, vegetables, and occasional treats should suffice. Diversity in diet can help them maintain their health and overall well-being.

All in all, if the food habit is your concern, then neither option makes any difference.

Can They Easily Adapt to a New Environment?

Both of the conures are very social birds. It means whether or not they will be able to adapt to the new environment will depend on you and the members of your house. Both bird species can adapt to new environments with proper socialization.

They bond closely with their owners and demand frequent interaction to maintain emotional stability. In short, they don’t want to feel alone.

Sun conures take less time to adapt to a new environment thanks to their outgoing, extroverted personality.

So, if you are the kind of person who moves a lot, then a Sun conure can be a better choice for you. Although honestly speaking, it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Are They Aggressive?

As already mentioned, conures are very social animals. In addition, they are really gentle as well. Thanks to these traits, conures not only get along with other birds but with other animals as well. It means if you already have a pet, you won’t have to worry about anything.

However, conures can exhibit aggression despite their friendly attitude, especially if they sense their territory or cage being threatened.

Offer your birds enough space and proper introductions to allow them to feel free. It’s also essential to provide sufficient space when housing multiple birds or introducing a new one.

Jenday Conure vs Sun Conure.
Sun conures love head scratch!

Can They Be Trained?

Jendays and Suns are intelligent birds. Although, as already mentioned, they cannot learn to talk, you can teach them certain tricks. Conures can follow commands and engage in interactive activities. Suns can be quicker to adapt to new trainable skills compared to Jendays.

No matter which bird you are training, positive reinforcement methods are always effective for training.

How Much Will They Cost?

We will not discuss the cost of these birds here, but rather how much their maintenance costs. You probably already know a Jenday costs around $600, while an adult Sun conure can cost anything between $400 to $700.

Their maintenance cost is aligned with these numbers. For example, it can cost you $30 to $75 to maintain a Jenday Conure. On the other hand, the similarly natured Sun Conure can cost you as little as 10 dollars. It can cost $35 at max.

The difference here is that Sun conures, attention-seeking birds, don’t demand anything but your care. In fact, they consume comparatively less food than a Jenday.

These numbers are based on the cost of food, toys, treats, and vet visits. This is why the cost can and will vary depending on your bird’s needs and the area you are living in.

How Do They Look?

The sharpest contrast between Sun and Jenday conures exists in their color and outlook. Let’s break it down.

Jenday Conures are slightly smaller than Sun Conures, with predominantly green plumage and vibrant yellow and orange accents on their head and wings. On the other hand, Sun Conures are a bit larger and have bright yellow bodies with orange coloring on their head and wings. Now it’s up to you which color you want.

Apart from these traits, Sun and Jenday conures are similar in almost all aspects. For example, they both have respiratory issues that can arise from a dusty or poorly ventilated environment.

In addition, their energy level and cuddliness match as well. Overall, they have some subtle differences that shouldn’t bother you unless you have specific requirements.

Jenday Conure vs Sun Conure.
Who does not love a treat?

Judgement Time! Jenday or Sun Conure?

I don’t need to reiterate how both Jendays and Suns are similar. From behavior to appearance, both birds are almost identical in all aspects.

However, upon closer inspection, you can discern their differences. If you have read this article, you now know all about it. Though the difference mainly lies in their appearance, they differ in loudness, food habits, and maintenance costs.

Although these differences are insignificant, they may become important to you in the long run. For example, plan on moving to a different country. A Sun Conure can be a better option as they adapt quickly.

Thanks to this article, even if you have any other plans, you can now easily identify the right bird suiting your needs.

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