What is a Lutino Quaker Parrot

What is a Lutino Quaker Parrot?

Lutino Quaker Parrots are yellow and white colored quaker parrot. It is some time called as Yellow Quaker parrot also. Feathers around eyes, breast and flight feathers are pure white or cream color. Feathers of backside are vivd yellow. Foot color is pink which is brown/ash color in green/blue quaker parrot. See the image bellow-

What is a Lutino Quaker Parrot?
What is a Lutino Quaker Parrot?

Lutino quaker parrots are result of long selective breeding. They are sexually monomorphic that means you cannot tell male or female bird by just watching. Both sex has same body color.

What is a Yellow Quaker Parrot
Left normal green Quaker Parrot. Right Lutino Quaker Parrot.

Are all Yellow Quaker Parrots Lutino Quaker Parrots

No. Not all yellow colored quaker parrots are Lutino. Pallid or creamino mutations also have yellow coloration but not bright as Lutino mutation. You can tell the difference between a lutino quaker parrot and a yellow quaker parrot by looking its eye color. If eye is red colored then it is Lutino mutaion and if eye color is black then it is certainly not Lutino mutation.

What is a Yellow Quaker Parrot
Left Blue Quaker Parrot. Right Lutino Quaker Parrot. Look at flight feather color, brigh blue on blue mutaion wherase white in lutino mutation.

Does Lutino Quaker Parrot Talks

Yes, Lutino Quaker Parrot Talks just like other mutations. They are excellent talker. In terms of talking ability, they rank third. African Greys and Eclectus are holding first and second position.

Lutino Quaker Parrot Price

As Lutino Quaker Parrot takes selective breeding and also very attractive thus it cost considerably high compared to other mutations. You may find normal green/blue mutation within 500-700$ but for Lutino quaker, you have to spend around 1000$.

Lutino Quaker Parrot Health Issue

Lutino quaker is a mutation where specific gene suppress other gene. Lutino gene reduce or completely supress other color gene. As a result these birds may have poor eye sight and also susceptable to diseases.

Lutino gene is recessive in nature. Which means, both parents bird must have lutino gene. For this reason, many breeder likes to pair both lutino male and female bird to produce lutino offspring. These offsprings often have weak immune system which lead them to diseases.

A good breeder will always pair split lutino gene bird to produce lutino babies. In aviculture split gene means, it has the gene but not visually expressed. Babies produce from split lutino parents have stronger immune system. So, when you plan to buy a lutino quaker parrot, ask breeder if parents are lutino or split for lutino.

Are Lutino Quaker Parrots Good pet

Lutino Quaker Parrots are excellent pet. Although they are known to be cage aggressive. They are very intelligent and can be easily trained. Lutino Quaker Parrots are not beginner parrot. If you don’t have previous experience then you should not have Lutino Quaker Parrot as pet. Try Cockatiels or budgerigars first. If you are determined to have quaker parrot then do a research first.

Lutino Quaker Parrot are also known to one person bird but with proper training and socialization they can be a very good family bird also.

Lutino Quaker Parrot Food

Lots of fresh vegetables are recommended. You can also provide pellet. For more food suggetions see our other post-

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