what is an albino quaker parrot?

What is an Albino Quaker Parrot?

An Albino Quaker Parrot is a rare mutation of the Quaker Parrot, also known as the Monk Parakeet. Albino Quaker Parrots have a complete absence of pigmentation in their feathers, eyes, and skin. This results in a completely white bird with pink or red eyes.

Because of their striking appearance, Albino Quaker Parrots are getting attention among bird enthusiasts and pet owners. However, due to their rareness and special needs, they require specialized care and attention.

In this blog post we will try to give you a detailed view about albino quaker parrots. We will cover their genetic basis, health issues, food requirements, price etc.

what is an albino quaker parrot?
Left one is dark blue, right one is albino quaker parrots.

What is Albinism in Quaker Parrots?

Albinism is a rare condition in Quaker parrots, and it occurs due to a genetic mutation that affects the production of melanin. Due to the presence of albino genes, their bodies cannot produce normal amounts of melanin, a pigment which is responsible for coloration. Albino genes are recessive, which means both parents need to carry the genes. Although they may not exhibit albinism.

Are all white color Quaker Parrots Albino Quaker Parrots?

No. Not all white color quaker parrots are albino quaker parrots. Like Lutino Quaker parrots, Albino quaker parrots are unique. They need special breeding selection and it is difficult to breed one. If any breeder or pet shop claims any quaker parrot as albino then you should look for its eye coloration. Eye color of albino quaker parrot must be red. Sometimes the foot color may not be pink but eye color will be read always. If anyone says albino quakers have black eyes, they are lying.

what is albino quaker parrot.
Yellow one is Lutino mutation, white one is albino. Photo: Ivonka Stawarz.

Health Issues of Albino Quaker Parrots

Albino quaker parrots are the result of selective inbreeding. So they are genetically weaker than other mutations. Albino Quaker Parrots are more prone to certain health problems than their pigmented counterparts. 

For example, they may be more sensitive to bright light due to their lack of pigmentation in their eyes, which can lead to eye problems such as cataracts or blindness. They may also be more susceptible to skin problems, such as sunburn or skin cancer, due to their lack of protective pigmentation.

As they cannot stay longer under sunlight or UV lamps, thus they are prone to vitamin-D deficiency. Which causes calcium deficiency (vitamin D is required to absorb calcium). Calcium deficient pet birds are prone to feather plucking, weaker bone and egg shell.

If you are planning to adopt/buying an albino quaker parrot, ask the breeder or seller about its parents. Albino offspring from direct albino parents have weaker immune systems than those whose parents have split albino genes

Albino Quaker parrots food

Albino Quaker Parrots have the same dietary requirements as other Quaker Parrots. They are omnivores and require a varied diet that includes a mix of high-quality pellets, fresh fruits and vegetables, and small amounts of seeds and nuts. 

As they are prone to vitamin-D and calcium deficiency, thus their food should contain sufficient amounts of vitamin-D, calcium and phosphorus. If these requirements cannot be fulfilled through diet then supplementation may help.

what is albino quaker parrot.
All white quakers are not albino. Albino quaker have pink foot and red eye.

Albino Quker Parrots Price

Albino quaker parrots cost around 800-1200$. They are pricier than other mutations due to difficulties to produce albino one.

Talking ability of Albino Quaker Parrot

Quaker parrots are excellent talkers. So do Albino quakers. Albinism does not affect their talking ability and intelligence.

Albino Quaker Parrots Behavior

We have several detailed posts about quaker parrots behavior, you can read them. Albinism does not affect their common behavior. But it seems, albino quakers are slightly more docile than that of other mutations.

Legal Issue of Albino Quaker Parrots

Quaker parrots are prohibited in many states of the USA. It is not exception for albino quaker parrots. See the list of states here-

Quaker Parrot | Interesting Facts


Albino Quaker Parrots are a rare mutation of the Quaker Parrot that have a complete absence of pigmentation in their feathers, eyes, and skin. They are relatively rare and can be identified by their completely white feathers and pink or red eyes. Albino Quaker Parrots may be more prone to certain health issues, but can be maintained with proper care and attention to their dietary and environmental needs.

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