Canary vs Budgie

Canary vs Budgie: Which Bird to Go For and Why?

Canaries are suitable for individuals who enjoy melodious tunes. Budgies are better for those who seek interaction, training opportunities, and close companionship.

Still, is it really this simple? Not really.

There are many more aspects you must consider if you want to make an informed decision. They have a subtle, noticeable difference that gives them their unique aura.

But if you decide based solely on their appearance, you are probably making a mistake. However, now that you are here, there’s nothing to worry about.

Take a quick read; this elaborate article should equip you with all the information you need about Canaries and Budgies. After reading through it, you will have a choice in mind.

Canary Vs Budgie: What’s Different between the Birds?

I love both, to be honest. These birds have their own uniqueness, and I fall for both. The canaries give me heavenly songs, while my Budgie keeps me feeling comforted. But if you have to choose either, check out the points below:

What Are Their Personalities Like?

Canaries are mainly known for their singing abilities. They are often reserved and prefer to observe their surroundings from a distance.

Due to their extroverted nature, they may not actively seek out interaction with humans. However, as my Canary trusts me, it allows me to come closer and hold it. Building up this trust is a must.

Canary vs Budgie

Budgies, on the contrary, are social and outgoing birds. They are naturally curious and enjoy exploring their surroundings, jumping here and there, and interacting with people.

My Budgie is an extra extroverted one. It gets easily comfortable with new people and pets in the same manner.

I recommend the Canaries to those wanting a sweet environment in their house. Their beautiful color and melodious song will fill your house with heavenly delight.

It’s especially good for busy people as these birds don’t demand much from humans. However, for those looking for a bird that actively engages with them and enjoys interactive playtime, a Budgie will make them happier.

Do They Bite?

Canaries are not generally known for biting. I have had mine for around one and a half years in my house, and it did not nip even once. I understand that they have a less confrontational demeanor.

Budgies, on the other hand, rarely nip or bite. Mine bit me when I tried to pat it after not offering it food at the right time.

After some research and practical experience, I realized that they nip or bite only if they feel threatened, hungry, or have not been tamed properly.

Due to this behavior, I don’t recommend Budgies for households with children and elderly people. People who have issues with occasional biting and those with sensitive skin should also opt for Canaries.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that Budgies bite frequently. They rarely do it, but it’s going to happen someday.

Canary vs Budgie

Can They Talk?

Though the Canaries sing like angels, they cannot talk. I tried for a while before giving up but couldn’t bring out even a human speech. But this is alright because they have a really beautiful voice.

Budgies, on the other hand, can learn to talk. However, it may take a while to train them properly. I had to be consistent in teaching my Budgie a single word. However, once it started to catch up on words, the phrases were relatively easy to teach.

Remember, budgerigars cannot speak as clearly as other large parrots. They mumble, to be exact.

But did you know, the bird with  largest vocabulary is a budegrigar? No, you didn’t read that wrong, not an African Gray or a Quaker Parrot, this record is held by a budgerigar.

A male budgerigar, Puck, owned by American Camille Jordan, holds the world record for the largest vocabulary of any bird. He had a vocabulary of 1,728 words.

You can check Guinness World Records 2004. [Claire Folkard, ed. (2003). Guinness World Records 2004. Guinness World Records Limited. p. 54. ISBN 0-85112-180-2.]

Do They Pluck Feathers?

I have never seen my Canaries pluck their feathers. But I know they do pluck feathers, but that’s a rare incident. I observed that they pluck their feathers when distressed or suffering from a bad skin condition, such as an infection.

Budgies are the same. Unless they have any long standing illness, they won’t pluck feathers.

Canary vs Budgie

Are They Friendly Around Children?

Canaries are quieter birds and are better suited for households with older children who understand the need for a calm environment. I have noticed that my Canary doesn’t make any sound as long as it’s around adults.

But when children start playing with their childish loudness, the Canary gets really annoyed and starts showing symptoms of suffocation.

However, as Budgies are extroverted birds, they can engage with younger children and provide interactive learning opportunities.

My Budgie can get along with anyone within a matter of minutes. However, they may take longer before befriending loud children because they will immediately perceive them as a threat.

For these reasons, I recommend Canaries for families with older children. But if your household has a toddler, get a Budgie. It will keep your kid entertained with its playful attitude.

Are They Loud?

It’s a bird’s natural instinct to sing. But the question is, how loud is their voice? The canaries sing melodiously. They are not typically loud in a disruptive manner. The peak loudness of my Canary is perfectly tolerable, and I quite enjoy it even though I prefer a quiet environment.

Budgies produce moderate chirping and chattering sounds. They rarely do so, and it never bothered me that much. However, for those sensitive to sounds and easily irritated, a Canary might be a better option.

What Do They Eat?

Canaries are not picky eaters, but they won’t eat everything. Their regular diet includes a variety of seeds, greens, and fruits. They mainly eat things that I usually have lying around my house. So, I don’t have to spend much, and I am sure you won’t have to either.

Budgies are good eaters and enjoy seeds, pellets, vegetables, and fruits. Comparatively, my Budgie eats more than my Canaries. As it eats pellets, I have to spend slightly extra monthly for my Budgie. But this is a little.

All in all, Canaries are for those who want their pets to have a simple diet. But if you don’t have any problem feeding your pet the right thing, you can go for a Budgie.

Canary vs Budgie

How Well Do They Adapt?

This is where it gets interesting.

Though Canaries are introverted, they can adapt quickly to a new environment. And if they don’t perceive their owner as a threat, they form a strong bond pretty fast. I had my first Canary for about three days before it became my best bud.

On the contrary, despite being outgoing, Budgies can take time to adjust to a new environment. However, they, too, don’t take much time to bond with their owners.

Later, I realized Budgies, too, actually don’t take long to adapt. It actually depends on the environment. My next Budgie adapted quickly because I had the cage set up right.

As far as adaptability is concerned, both are fine. But if you don’t have a setting ready and want to take it slow, then a Canary is the best option because Budgies may not fit well in a situation that’s not tailored for them.

Can They Be Trained?

Canaries are less trainable compared to Budgies. Budgies are intelligent and can learn tricks and mimic sounds pretty fast. It didn’t take me long to teach my Budgie my name. But, to this date, I couldn’t teach much to my Canary.

So, if you want a bird with interactive abilities, don’t get a Canary. This is where a Budgie can be the best option.

How Much Do They Cost?

Both these birds cost the same. Actually, as the requirements of these birds are not too diverse, I don’t have to spend much on either.

Apart from the cage and the price of the bird itself, I have to spend around $40 to $60. In some months, it can increase depending on whether I must take my bird to a vet or if it requires any particular medicine. 

All in all, the maintenance cost of both Budgies and Canaries is the same. So, suppose you are worried about the cost. There’s nothing to worry about in that case, as there’s practically no difference in this aspect.

Budgie or Canary? Which One Are You Choosing?

Choosing between Canaries and Budgies can be difficult if you don’t know the differences except for the appearance. As you can see, these birds are diverse in their lifestyle, preferences, and the specific qualities people look for in a pet bird.

From my experience, I can say that Canaries are suitable for those who enjoy melodious songs and don’t want to get bothered by their pets.

On the other hand, Budgies are ideal for those who want to interact with their pets and/or have children at home.

Both birds are sufficiently good options, but their subtle differences make them a perfect choice for particular people. As you know all the differences properly, you can rely on your instinct and choose your pick.

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